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We unite European ALK positive cancer patients towards a cure

We are ALK Positive Europe, a non-profit organization connecting patient communities, associations, and advocacy groups across Europe. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for ALK-positive patients and turn a terminal illness into a chronic and hopefully curable disease. We work to expand access to cutting-edge healthcare, clinical trials, drugs, and therapies for European patients.

We are the largest ALK-positive patient community in Europe, with 13 members representing 1700 patients and caregivers.
We are a patient-driven voice and advocacy group driving awareness, advocacy and research supporting improved therapeutics aiming to change the future of ALK-positive cancer.

What we offer our members

European Forum
A platform for members to collaborate and share information about ALK-positive patients based in Europe

The EU Clinical Trial Database
A resource for members to find EU-based trials accepting ALK-positive cancer patients

The EU Research & Expert Map
A tool for members to find European ALK-positive cancer researchers and experts worldwide

The ALK Positive Outreach
An initiative to coordinate efforts around raising awareness and building partnerships for research and advocacy with decision makers at the European Commission level

What we offer Experts & Researchers

Horizon Europe Partnerships
Representation of ALK-positive patients and support for consortia building Horizon Europe funding proposals to advance research and therapeutic modalities that may lead to clinical trials, improving the quality of life and life expectancy for ALK-positive patients

Cross Border Networking Events
Events bringing together EU-based and international experts and researchers to foster collaborations

EU Digest
A newsletter to keep stakeholders informed about ALK-positive cancer related research, diagnosis, management, and therapeutics in Europe and internationally

What we offer Policy Makers & Pharma

One stop shop
A single point of information, contact, and access to ALK-positive patients based in Europe for the European Commission, national and transnational policy makers, and pharma